It's true. Jewelry is personal. 

It's an intimate art form. We wear it on our bodies. It's with us wherever we go. Each piece can be a wearable touchstone to connect us to a vision for ourselves, remind us of a loved one, an accomplishment, or a milestone in life. These are things we all know. Call me an idealist, but this I believe: we all love, we want to be loved, and we want to engage life as the very best version of ourselves. 

~ Ginger




GINGER MEEK ALLEN | metalsmith 

PRIMARY ART MEDIA | sterling silver, gold, palladium, gemstones, patina

FLUENT IN | jewelry & vessels

FORMAL EDUCATION | university of north carolina at chapel hill

SUPERPOWERS | hand fabrication & narrative


CUPS OF TEA IN THE STUDIO | 8,453....and counting...

FAVORITE TOOL | spiculum hammer

FAMILY | husband, four daughters, two dogs, one cat

FORMATIVE YEARS | rural north carolina, lots of wandering in the woods

STUDIO LOCATION | wake forest, north carolina